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Denver Sheriffs receive a 3.50% raise

27 FEBRUARY 2020

Denver Sheriffs, Sergeants and Captains received a 3.50% pay raise which was negotiated in mid-November and went into effect on January 1, 2020. Denver City Council recently completed a series of public readings, a requirement to approve the pay raises for funding, and sent the approved pay package to the city comptroller to begin issuing the raises on employees paychecks.

This pay increase is just one in a series of successful negotiations by the Denver Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police. Denver Sheriff Lodge #27 has negotiated pay and benefits for the department for almost a quarter-century. During this time employees received pay raises and benefit increases of greater value than other City employees in Denver and also kept pace with sheriffs departments around the metro area.

In this recent round of negotiations, the FOP and the City agreed that retention of employees was a priority and reduced the deputies steps of which to reach the top pay by one step, allowing deputies to reach the top pay in just 5 years and a day. Additionally, Sergeants and Captains who used to have four steps to reach the top pay will now only have one pay level for each rank which will aid in getting more qualified personnel to apply for promotion, which has been problematic in recent years.

There were many other increases in benefits and monetary articles of the collective bargaining agreement and employees are encouraged to read over and become familiar with the agreement. The CBA is located in the member's section under the Documents tab of the lodge website.

The Denver Sheriffs will once again be going to the negotiations table in October of this year and the Fraternal Order of Police, who represents them look forward to another successful Collective Bargaining session.



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