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Ratification Post

17 DECEMBER 2019

On December 12, 2019 between the hours of 6am to 6pm a vote of the entire FOP membership
was conducted to ratify a negotiated Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Fraternal
Order of Police who is the recognized Exclusive Bargaining Agent for the Denver Sheriffs
Department and the City and County of Denver.

Many members came to the Lodge Meeting Hall to listen to the lead negotiator and Collective
Bargaining Attorney Sean McCauley of McCauley and Roach P.C out of Kansas City, MO explain
all the changes negotiated on behalf of all Denver Sheriff Deputies, Sergeants and Captains and
to read over for themselves the new language and benefits prior to casting their vote.

When the day ended and the ballot box was unlocked, the votes were counted. The result was
a massive approval and ratification of the agreement at a rate of 89% in favor to 11% against.

Michael Jackson, President of Lodge #27 stated regarding the vote of the members, “The
overwhelming approval and ratification of this negotiated agreement is a testament to the
overall resolve and determination of the negotiating team to ensure the Denver Sheriffs
Deputies, Sergeants and Captains receive the best possible advances in both pay and benefits. I
would personally like to thank the following members for serving on the negotiation team with
me for being steadfast and true in these negotiations. Frank Gale, Sonya Leyba, C.W.
DeNovellis, Bret Garegnani, Robert Pablo and Anas Khelik”.

Both a red line and final version of the agreement are located in the members only section of
this site under the documents tab.


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