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Welcome to the Denver Sheriffs Lodge #27 of the Fraternal Order of Police

In this fast-paced, technologically advanced age, where information need is of the immediate, we at the Denver Sheriffs Lodge #27 are striving to create an atmosphere of transparency and accurate up to date communication, which will help all to render a more robust relationship by and between the men and woman of the Denver Sheriffs Department, law enforcement as a whole and the entire community of which we serve.

About Us

Denver Sheriff FOP Lodge #27 is a union representing over 700 Denver Deputies in Collective Bargaining issues, Legal Defense and Representation issues.

Board Members

On behalf of the Executive Board for the Denver Sheriffs Department Lodge #27 of the Fraternal Order of Police, and on behalf of our entire membership, I would like to thank you for visiting our website.

Our Mission

The Fraternal Order of Police represents nearly 360,000 law enforcement officers across the country. One out of every 3 law enforcement officers eligible for membership belongs to the Fraternal Order of Police. By being a member of the largest law enforcement organization in the world, you are entitled to certain benefits and privileges not available to other organizations or unions.

Being a member of the F.O.P. Lodge 27 is more than belonging to a Union or Organization. It entitles you to be part of a family of law enforcement officers that aid in a variety of projects and concerns.

Denver Sheriff FOP Lodge #27, along with the State and National Lodges, have participated in numerous projects that have made a sizable difference to fellow law enforcement officers and families in need.

Department Medical Census

In order to analyze our Departments health benefit programs, we need to provide our insurance broker with certain information about you and your dependents. While we may or may not have your information, we likely do not have such information as birthdays for employees and your family or changes within your family unit. Since the collection of this kind of detailed information can be cumbersome and time consuming, we have decided to utilize an online tool called PRO Census to help expedite the process for you and us.

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