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Non-Duty Legal Plan

Denver FOP members in good standing, who are members of the Denver Legal Defense Plan are also eligible for our Non-Duty Legal Defense Plan.

This plan is offered and administered by the Colorado State Lodge and is exclusive to members of local lodges who are in good standing, to include retired members.

The Non-Duty Legal Plan

offers $15,000 of additional legal coverage, per calendar year, in the following areas:

-Wills, Trusts and Estate Law

-Off Duty Criminal Defense

-Employment Law

-Limited benefit for Family Law matters

The Denver FOP "Non-duty Legal Plan" is available to all members in good standing with any Colorado FOP Local Lodge. The plan is available to members whose Lodge has elected to cover the entire membership, or to individual members in good standing. The plan provides coverage for a range of non duty related legal issues.

The non-duty plan is not part of the Colorado FOP Legal Defense Plan that all members enjoy as part of their FOP membership dues. They are two separate and different plans. This plan is supplemental covering a variety of general legal issues that are not related to your occupation per se. As such the non-duty legal benefit has its own separate structure, terms & conditions, attorneys, and dues schedule. The non-duty plan is optional and offered as a separate elected benefit for all FOP members in good standing.

We receive a lot of inquiries about this benefit and the plan itself. If you are undecided and have questions about this plan please complete the below form and a member of our staff will be in touch to answer your questions or assist in signing up. If you are currently a plan member you may use this form to get information on your benefit.


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